"Second Liners" with Angela Noble

£15.00 incl tax



'Second Liners' New Orleans is considered by many not to be an American city rather, it is a Creole city. Its language, foods, ways of dancing and songs are filled with a Latin tinge, a French flair and an Afro Caribbean sense of body and soul. Out of this melting pot came the city’s ‘jazz funerals’ with brass bands and dancing parades. These relate to the Haitian Voodoo idea of celebrating after death in order to please the spirits who protect the dead. Those who follow the band are called the ‘second line’ they walk and dance along, sometimes twirling a parasol or handkerchief in the air. It is this ‘second lining’ that will be the focus of the workshop, using our dance, props and music we will evoke a flavour of New Orleans. So bring your brolley and a head scarf or similar. I will have some to borrow on the day but let me know in advance so I can bring enough. 

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